BRIEF ENCOUNTERS edited by Shane Allison

Brief Encounters edited by Shane Allison (Cleis Press) is out in stores today. 69 hot gay shorts—and this anthology has some girth to it, which makes it easy to read one-handed. I see some usual suspects—Rob Rosen, Fred Towers (I know Fred!), Jeff Mann, Shane Allison naturally, Stephen Osborne a fellow Hoosier, M. Christian, Simon Sheppard (this is gonna be a good one, folks), Bearmuffin, Gavin Atlas, Landon Dixon, let’s see flip that page here, Christopher Pierce, William Holden, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jay Starre, so many I can’t list ’em all—and some new talent I haven’t read yet. There are two short stories of mine in these briefs, “Friday Night in Room 69” and “He’ll Suck You If I Say So.” (Bon appétit!)

You should know that my all-time favorite tale of Shane’s is from Ultimate Gay Erotica 2008, his hilarious and naughty “White Boys That Have Been Up My Ass.” That’s the one I’ve read…well, several times.

(Scribble a whisper)


2 thoughts on “BRIEF ENCOUNTERS edited by Shane Allison

  1. Is that piece by Shane a poem or a short story? I've read a poem by that name by him online.

    Read the Jamie Freeman story in Brief Encounters. The one about the senator. I've had that idea for a while, but I'm glad he was the one who wrote it because he nailed it.


  2. Interesting. Maybe there are two incarnations. The one in UGE '08 is a steamy confessional story. My favorite kind. Cool. I'll read Jamie's next. I always skip around.


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