BRIEF ENCOUNTERS — Kindle & Nook Editions

Available from Amazon
Brief Encounters edited by Shane Allison (Cleis Press) is available now in Kindle and Nook editions.

Featuring stories by Rob Rosen, Jamie Freeman, Rob Wolfsham, Fred Towers, Jeff Mann, Kyle Lukoff, Logan Zachary, Jonathan Asche, Christopher Stone, Shanna Germain, Shane Allison, Johnny Murdoc, Jay Starre, Jay Rogers, Michael Bracken, Stephen Osborne, Robert Glück, M. Christian, Simon Sheppard, David Holly, William Holden, Brian Centrone, Derrick Della Giorgia, Jonathan Asche, Penboy 7, Xan West, Natty Soltesz, Eric K. Anderson, Diesel King, L. D. Madison, Bearmuffin, Gregory L. Norris, Daniel W. K. Lee, R. Talent, Karl von Uhl, Dominic Santi, Gavin Atlas, Zeke Mangold, Joe Jimenez, Landon Dixon, Fox Lee, Jim Howard, D. Fostalove, Christopher Pierce, Cari Z, D. V. Patton, Bob Masters, Larkin, R. J. Bradshaw, Thomas Fuchs, Troy Storm, Shane St. John, Shaun Levin, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Nick Gilberton Marenco, Jay Starre, C. C. Williams and Mike Bruno…

…to name a few.

There are also two short stories of mine in these briefs,Friday Night in Room 69 andHe’ll Suck You If I Say So.” (Bon appétit!)

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. KINDLE & NOOK. Smartphoners, I could be in your friggin’ pants in seconds.


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