Pulp Retro Throwback • pulp chapbooks • “Dirty Little Books”

Available Instantly Worldwide
Just want to read, not own? Need a title for your LGBTQ studies syllabus? Ask for them at your university or library!


11 thoughts on “Pulp Retro Throwback • pulp chapbooks • “Dirty Little Books”

  1. There are eBook editions as well. (Links are in abundance on this site.) eBooks—sneaky, sneaky. Sneaky is back in style. Are you reading something proper? Hell no. But does anyone have to KNOW that? Nope.


  2. How many people are reading off of your account? The cheap-asses. I wouldn't stomp up and TELL 'em you think they're cheap. Maybe it would be better to sneak off and get a Nook, Kobo—or hell, start another Amazon account with a different card. Ha! Maybe you don't want folks knowing the type of dirty fantasies you're into reading.

    For sneaky reading research, I bought a Nook Simple Touch™ with Glowlight™ — for kicks! And I love it. God, it's a cutie.


  3. Are you a stud? Does everyone, male and female, want to lick you?

    Snap a picture of yourself reading a dirty book—Rascal, Curious, Bad Boy or Stranger for instance—and I'll service you personally. Or wait. I will, let's see, I'll send you a signed book of your choice.

    Don't everybody reach for your cameras at once. I don't know if I could handle a barrage of photos from hot men. I take that back. I could. But my supply of author copies may dwindle. Fuck it. We all have to suffer for our art.


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